Blaze Rod

Blaze Rod
Blaze Rod Sprite
Item Type: Misc
Crafted? No
Stackable? Yes (64)

[edit] Summary

Blaze Rods are items obtained by defeating a Blaze. The only way to find a Blaze is to find a Blaze Spawner located in a Nether Fortress. The Blaze Spawner is located at the top of the Nether Brick Staircase. Other Items found in Nether Fortresses include Nether Brick and Netherwart. Blaze Rods are crafted into two Blaze Powder each. A single Blaze Rod and three piece of Cobblestone will craft into a Brewing Stand.

In the mod compilation Tekkit, if Blaze Rods are macerated, four Blaze Power are given, allowing mass multiplication with an Energy Condenser to get infinite Energy.

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