Coal Sprite
Item Type: Ores
Crafted? No
Stackable? Yes (64)

Coal is one of the most common blocks found in Minecraft. Coal Ores can spawn very deep into the ground, above sea level, or even in plain sight! Coal is a type of fuel in Minecraft. Coal and Charcoal are exactly the same, although Charcoal is obtained by smelting wood in a Furnace, and Coal is a natural material. Coal is used to power a Furnace. In the Furnace, Coal is used to heat or smelt eight items. Coal is capable of melting any item (Wood, Iron Ores, Gold Ores, Sand, Cobblestone, etc.) Coal isn't very valuable, as its counterpart Charcoal is simple to get, making Coal worthless. Coal and a Stick are used to craft four Torches. Torches are used to raise light levels in the dark.

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