Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans are an ingerdiant in Cookies that was originally only found rarely in Dungeons. As of the 1.3 update however they have become easily findable on jungle trees. It is also possible to grow cocoa beans now. Simply right click a Jungle log block with cocoa beans and the plant will attach to the wood. Then you can either wait or use bonemeal to fully grow it. Upon harvest you recieve 3 cocoa beans.

it is not reccomended to use binemeal on cocoa bean plants as they grow very fast without. Your bonemeal would be better used on the wheat so as to make cookies faster.

Cookies are made with 1 cocoa beans and 2 wheat ina line. ina pattern of Wheat, Cocoa, Wheat.

Cocoa beans are also needed to dye wool brown.

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