Item Type: Food
Crafted? Yes
Stackable? Yes (8)

[edit] Summary

Cookies are edible items that were introduced in the Minecraft Beta 1.4 Update. They are made by putting two Wheat on each side of the 3x3 crafting grid, and Cocoa Beans in the middle.

Cookies used to be very difficult to produce due to the rarity of Cocoa Beans, however since the 1.3 update they have become much more commonplace due to the addition of cocoa plants and making them grow naturally.

[edit] Uses

Cookies are the most efficient method of food available (possibly equivelent to melons) as each craft produces 8 cookies. Each cookie heals 1 hunger. This means one craft of cookies is 8 hunger points that can be used as needed, to fill the hunger bar as little or as much as needed.

[edit] Crafting

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