Mob Type Hostile
Found Anywhere in the Overworld
Attack Type Explosion
On Death 0-2 Gunpowder

1 Music Disc (if killed by a Skeleton)

Creepers are hostile mobs in Minecraft. Creepers spawn during both day and night, and unlike most hostile mobs, Creepers will not burn in sunlight. Creepers tend to try to "sneak up" to the player, make a hissing noise, and they then proceed to blow up anything near it. However, Water will reduce the amount of blocks destroyed, and it has difficulty destroying anything with Blast Resistance. If the player gets to close or stays still when fighting a Creeper, the hostile mob will explode and deal damage to the player. A tactic used when attacking a Creeper is to continuously hit it while moving. This method is not guaranteed to work; however, and there is a possibility it will explode. The original Creeper design resembles that of Pig. Creepers have four legs and no arms, and have a trademark facial expression. The Creeper has gained much popularity, even making appearances in games such as Borderlands 2. Creepers are one of the most widely-known "faces" of Minecraft. Creepers come in two forms: a normal Creeper and a Charged Creeper. Charged Creepers have a blue light glowing around them as a result of being struck by lightning. Charged Creeper explosions are much larger and much more powerful than that of a normal Creeper. When a Creeper is killed by the player or anything other than an explosion, a Creeper (or Charged Creeper) will drop up to 2 (two) Gunpowder. Gunpowder is used to make TNT. If the player manages to get a Skeleton shoot a Creeper, and the arrow is able to kill it, a music disc will be dropped as well as the normal gunpowder. This is one of the few ways to obtain a Music Disc, the other alternatives to find them in Dungeon Chests, Abandoned Mineshaft Chests, or Stronghold Chests.

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