Mob Type Aggressive
Found At Night, Inside of Caves
Attack Type Explosion
On Death 0-2 Gunpowder

As one of the most dangerous mobs in the game, Creepers have the uncanny ability to explode when too close to your player.

When approaching a player, once the creeper enters within two blocks of your player, it will begin hissing, meaning it is about to explode. This may be prevented by backing away from the Creeper, allowing the hissing to stop. By hitting and backing away from a creeper, they can be killed with relative ease.

[edit] Specific Drop

Creepers have the incredibly rare ability to drop records, this may occur from one of two things:

  • A 0.1% chance of a normal drop.
  • Having a skeleton fire an arrow at a Creeper, killing it. (This may be achieved by hitting a Creeper 3 times with arrows, then putting in between yourself and a skeleton, allowing the skeleton's arrows to hit the Creeper.)

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