Mob Type Neutral
Found At Night, Inside of Caves, The End
Attack Type Teleportation Kill
On Death 0-1 Ender Pearl

Enderman are mobs that wander the night and are most commonly found in The End. These creatures stand a block higher than the player, giving them three blocks height. Enderman are mysterious creatures from The End. They pick up random blocks, and will not give them back upon death. Endermen will not attack the player unless the player attacks the Enderman or looks at him in the eyes. Endermen can be killed by blocks or Sword, but bows will not damage it, as he teleports before getting shot. Once the Enderman is attacked, he will teleport and suddenly appear behind you again. An Enderman will be severely damaged in water, and take constant damage in the rain. When an Enderman is defeated, or killed, the player will receive up to one Ender Pearls. Ender Pearls are used to craft Eye of Ender, and by relation, Ender Chests. Ender Pearls can be used to teleport. In The End, Endermen are mobs that wander the ground. Their leader, the Ender Dragon, is the main boss of their realm. To get to the home of the Enderman, a player must find the End Portal inside one of three Strongholds. Notch admitted that the creation of the Enderman was somewhat inspired by Slenderman. The Enderman was introduced in Minecraft Beta 1.8pre.

Endermen are the only mobs with the ability to teleport.

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