Eye of Ender

Eye of Ender
Eye of Ender.png
Eye of Ender Sprite
Item Type: Misc
Crafted? Yes
Stackable? Yes (64)

Eye of Ender are valuable items that are used to locate Strongholds and activate End Portals. An Eye of Ender is crafted by placing an Ender Pearl, an item occasionally dropped by Endermen, with Blaze Powder, items crafted by placing Blaze Rods (received from Blaze) in a Crafting Table. An Eye of Ender and eight Obsidian can be crafted into a single Ender Chest. However, if the Ender Chest is broken, all the Obsidian will be regained, but the Eye of Ender will be lost. Eye of Ender can be traded for from villagers, each costing around eight Emeralds to make the trade. When an Eye of Ender is thrown, it will fly towards the closest Stronghold, and then fall. There is a 1 to 5 chance of the Eye of Ender shattering instead of normally dropping. When the player is above the Stronghold, the Eye of Ender will fly downwards. Inside the Stronghold, the Eye of Ender will fly toward the Portal Room, which contains the End Portal. The End Portal normally has at least one Eye of Ender already inside, and the other End Portal Blocks must have Eye of Ender inserted into them in order to activate the Portal. The Portal leads to The End. If an Eye of Ender is used in the Nether or The End, it will do nothing. If used in a Superflat world, it will also do nothing due to the lack of Strongholds. Furthermore, if a world does not have structures generated, Eye of Ender will lead to the location where the Stronghold would be. It is impossible to defeat the Ender Dragon or receive a Dragon Egg without structures generated.

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