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Type: Block
Crafted? Yes.
Stackable? Yes (64)
Gravitational? No.

Fences' are used as barriers within Minecraft, their height (to players and mobs) is at 1.5 blocks tall, meaning that neither players nor mobs can jump over them. However, if a player wishes to place a block on top of them, they are placed directly above the fence, as if it is only 1 block tall.

Fences may also be used as a fuel for furnaces.

You can can also jump onto a fence and stack them by jumping up and placing a fence under you.

Before Beta 1.7 Fences could not be stacked without placing them from top to bottom on other blocks and clearing a line of blocks and replacing with fences.

[edit] Crafting

Fences are crafted by placing 6 wooden planks on the bottom two rows of the 3x3 crafting grid.

[edit] Opacity

Fences are blocks with Opacity. Blocks with Opacity are not "fully complete" blocks or have transparency. For some of these blocks, it may not be possible to place other types of blocks directly onto them. Blocks with Opacity are as follows: Water (Source), Lava (Source), Tall Grass, Oak Sapling, Birch Sapling, Spruce Sapling, Jungle Sapling, Red Mushroom, Brown Mushroom, Red Flower, Dandelion, Crops, Sugar Cane, Cactus, End Portal, Portal, Fire, Sign, Torch, Snow, Air, Enchantment Table, Redstone Torch, Redstone Wire, Button, Pressure Plate, Lever, Rail, Trapdoor, Redstone Repeater, Door, Iron Door, Bed, Cake, Fence, Ladder, Oak Wood Stairs, Spruce Wood Stairs, Jungle Wood Stairs, Birch Wood Stairs, Cobblestone Stairs, Bricks Stairs, Stone Brick Stairs, Nether Brick Stairs, Sandstone Stairs, Quartz Stairs, Stone Slab, Sandstone Slab, Cobblestone Slab, Bricks Slab, Stone Brick Slab, Oak Wood Slab, Jungle Wood Slab, Birch Wood Slab, Spruce Wood Slab, Nether Brick Slab, Quartz Slab, Farmland, Chest, Large Chest, Glowstone, Piston, Sticky Piston, Oak Leaves, Jungle Leaves, Spruce Leaves, Birch Leaves, Glass, and Ice.

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