Ghast Sprite
Mob Type Aggressive
Found In the "Nether"
Attack Type Fire Charge
On Death 0-2 Gunpowder

Ghasts are currently Minecraft's largest mob, measuring 4x4x4. They are currently only found in the Nether, (which can be accessed by placing a 4x5 rectangle of obsidian on the ground, and then lighting it up with Flint and Steel) and on rare occasion, given the correct dimensions (5x5x5,) can spawn in the overworld next to a portal. Ghasts may spawn at any light level.

Ghasts currently attack with a single flaming projectile that explodes when it comes in contact with the ground or another player. This projectile destroys the block it hits, as well as lighting all nearby blocks on fire. This can become annoying in the Nether, as Nether, the Nether's main block, stays ignited indefinitely.

Ghasts, along with Bats are currently the only mobs with the ability to fly.

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