Grass Block

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Gravity? No
Tool Shovel
On Break Dirt

Grass is a block naturally generated in the Overworld on surface level.

[edit] Obtaining

Grass naturally spawns on the surface in the Overworld, save for a few biomes (notably Extreme Hills, Stone Beach, Cold Beach, Desert, Mesa, and a good portion of Mega Taigas spawn with other dirt variants at surface layer).

When mined with any tool, a grass block will drop one piece of dirt. When mined using a tool enchanted with Silk Touch, it drops one grass block.

[edit] Spread

If dirt is adjacent or connected to any grass block with a light level of four or higher, grass has a chance to spread to the dirt block, changing it to its grass block variant.

[edit] Variants

Grass is a variant of Dirt. Other variants include:

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