Crafted? Yes
Stackable? No
Used For Tilling Soil

A Hoe is a tool either used to till soil, or turn grass blocks into farmland blocks. A hoe is used on right clicking a square that you want to till, or convert into farmland. You cannot plant seeds without hoeing the ground.

[edit] Crafting

A hoe is created by placing 2 sticks in a vertical line in the center of a crafting table, then placing an ore in the center top square, then on one side. A Hoe can be made of Wood (planks), Stone (Cobble), Iron, Gold, or Diamonds.

[edit] Durability

Wood Hoe: 60 Uses

Stone Hoe: 132 Uses

Iron Hoe: 251 Uses

Gold Hoe: 33 Uses

Diamond Hoe: 1562 Uses

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