Iron Golem

Iron Golem
Mob Type Neutral
Found Day and Night,
In NPC villages
Attack Type Closequarters
On Death 3 - 5 iron ingots and 0 - 2 roses.

First implemented in Minecraft 1.2, Iron Golems are passive mobs that guard NPC villages from hostile mobs at night. With 50 hearts of health they have the second highest health bar in the entire game. They can be crafted similarly to the Snow Golem in exception that the are made of 4 Iron blocks. Two are on top of each other and 2 are on opposite sides of the top Iron Block with a pumpkin forming it's head. The Wither is crafted in a similar way, but the four Iron Blocks are replaced with Soul Sand, and there are three Wither Skeleton Skull on top, rather than a Pumpkin. Upon death, Iron Golems may drop three to five Iron Ingots and possibly one or two roses. Iron Golems are localized to NPC Villages, and are the protectors of the Villagers that live there. The Iron Golem is neutral towards a player, only becoming hostile if the player begins harming Villagers. The Iron Golem will attack enemy mobs that attack the village at night. Iron Golems will not spawn in Creative Mode, only Survival Mode. However, the Iron Golem can be created, with the use of 4 Iron Blocks and a Pumpkin.

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