Mobs are creatures that can naturally spawn in the Minecraft world. There are four different types of mods:

Passive Mobs: Passive mobs are mobs that do not injure the player. Every passive mob, except for squids, require land to spawn on. Squids obviously need water. These mobs can be damaged by the player.

Bats are passive mobs that can fly.

Chickens are passive mobs.

Cows are passive mobs.

Mooshrooms are passive mobs.

Ocelots are passive mobs.

Pigs are passive mobs.

Sheep are passive mobs.

Squids are passive mobs.

Villagers are passive mobs.

Neutral Mobs. Neutral mobs are mobs that only attack the player if they are attacked. Land is required for all of them to spawn.

Endermen are neutral mobs.

Wolves are neutral mobs.

Zombie Pigmen are neutral mobs.

Tamable Mobs Tamable mobs are regular mobs that can be tamed by the player to aid him.

Dogs are tamable mobs. They are tamed from wolves.

Cats are tamable mobs. They are tamed from ocelots.

Hostile Mobs Hostile mobs are mobs that are spawned in dark areas. They will attack the player.

Blazes are hostile mobs.

Cave Spiders are hostile mobs.

Creepers are hostile mobs.

Ghasts are hostile mobs.

Magma Cubes are hostile mobs.

Silverfish are hostile mobs.

Skeletons are hostile mobs.

Slimes are hostile mobs.

Spiders are hostile mobs.

Spider Jockeys are hostile mobs.

Witches are hostile mobs.

Wither Skeletons are hostile mobs.

Zombies are hostile mobs.

Zombie Villagers are hostile mobs.

Utility Mobs Utility mobs are mobs created by the player that will server the player. They will never attack the player. They cannot be spawned from spawn eggs.

Iron Golems are utility mobs.

Snow Golems are utility mobs.

Bosses Bosses are bosses in the game that will attack the player, They cannot be spawned from spawn eggs.

The Ender Dragon is a boss.

The Wither is a boss.

Unused Mobs Unused mobs are mobs that wer planned and programmed into the game, but were never used.

Giants were unused mobs.

Removed Mobs Removed mobs were mobs in the game that were removed.

Beast Boy was a removed mob.

Black Steve was a removed mob.

Humans were removed mobs.

Rana was a removed mob.

Steve (mob) was a removed mob.

Possible Future Mobs

Possible future mobs include Pigmen, though they are not being programmed yet.

Notch has mentioned Red Dragons multiple times.

Pandas are being tested to be added to the game.

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