Name Tag

Name Tag
Name Tag.png
Name Tag Sprite
Item Type: Tools
Crafted? No
Stackable? Yes (64)

Name Tags are new items with the tool-tooltip introduced in Minecraft 1.6: Horse Update. They are only found in Dungeon chests, and cannot be manually crafted. They are somewhat rare to be found in Dungeon chests, but aren't the most uncommon to be found either. Name Tags are tools used to rename mobs for visual, mental, or despawn-prevention purposes. To rename a mob, the player must go up to a named or unnamed mob while holding the named Name Tag. Name Tags must be named in order to work. To name a Name Tag, the player must use five (5) levels in an anvil and rename it there. Once the Name Tag is named, the player approches the mob that he or she wishes to name or rename and right-clicks on it. The name will then appear above the mob's head. Villagers cannot be renamed without the use of a multiplayer glitch or naming the Villager Spawn Egg. Named mobs can not despawn no matter how far the player is away from them.

If a Name Tag is set to name a mob "Dinnerbone" and is applied, the mob will appear upside down. This can also be done by renaming the initial spawn egg "Dinnerbone".

Name Tags were originally introduced in the Minecraft 13w16a Snapshot, which was the first Minecraft 1.6 Snapshot to be released. Unlike the Horse Saddle, name tags were actually implemented into the game.

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