Nether Star

Nether Star
Nether star.png
Nether Star Sprite
Item Type: Mob Drop
Crafted? No
Stackable? Yes (64)

A Nether Star is a very valuable item, and is very difficult to obtain. The only way to obtain a Nether Star is to defeat the Wither, Minecraft's second boss. The Wither will drop the Nether Star upon defeat. Currently, he only use for the Nether Star is to create beacons, a light source and a way to get ranged enchantments. Three Obsidian, five Glass, and one Nether Star are used to create the beacon. A dropped Nether Star is unable to be blown up by a Creeper, TNT, or any other explosive type of mob or item. Furthermore, the player will only receive one Nether Star, even if the Wither is killed by a Looting Enchantment.

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