Mob Type Enemy
Found At Nightime,

In Caves/Dungeons, Outside

Attack Type Ranged (Bow and Arrow)
On Death 0-2 Arrows
0-2 Bones

Skeletons can attack a player from a distance, making them one of the more dangerous enemies in Minecraft. As of the Halloween Update, they can be seen holding a bow.

Skeletons, much like most enemy mobs, spawn in any place not illuminated by torches or the sun. Skeletons can also be found in dungeons, or even just caverns encountered when mining.

Though Skeletons make no noise on their own - their presence can always be announced by the sound of a bow being fired. When they take damage or are killed they sound like a pile of bones falling.

Upon their death - Skeletons may drop up to 2 arrows and/or up to 2 bones.

[edit] Spider Jockey

Rarely (1/100 chance), a Skeleton will spawn on the back of a Spider. The resulting Spider Jockey will look like a spider-riding skeleton and have the ranged attack of a skeleton, as well as the jumping prowess and melee attack of a spider, making them extremely dangerous. Regarding health and item drops - a Spider Jockey is treated as two separate enemies.

Note: Skeletons will burn and die when in direct sunlight.
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