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Mob Type Neutral/Aggressive
Found Deep In Caves
0-3 Layers Above Bedrock
Attack Type Jumping Into You
On Death 0-2 Slime Ball

Slimes are the rarest mob in Minecraft, only spawning a few layers above bedrock. They are also one of the most interesting, slimes have the ability to spawn in a large array of sizes, and when a large slime is killed, it is split in half, continuing until the size reaches the smallest. Slimes cannot hurt you at their smallest form, but all other sizes are able to do damage. Due to a glitch, even on peaceful, players can encounter slimes of any size.They canot swim so if in water they cant move. only a bit.If the water if 3 blocks high any slime can drown and split and drown and it repets untill all of the slims are killed.

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