Snow Golem

Snow Golem
Snow Golem.png
Snow Golem Sprite
Mob Type Utility
Found Built by Player
Attack Type Snowball Throw
On Death 0 - 15 Snowballs

Snow Golems are creatable mobs that will fight for the player who creates it. Snow Golems are created with two Snow Blocks stacked on top of each other and a pumpkin on top of those. The Snow Blocks must be placed before the Pumpkin. Snow Golems are only capable of living in specific biomes, and will die if they enter any different. When fighting a normal mob, they do not deal any damage. Instead, they only move the mob back. They will deal three damage to Blazes though, and one damage to an Ender Dragon. Snow Golems attack by throwing Snowballs. When they move, Snow Golems leave a trail of snow which can be picked up with a shovel. Snow Golems are easy to kill.

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