Mob Type Hostile
Found Night, outside and in caves
Attack Type Close Quarters
On Death 0-2 String

Spiders are a very prominent hostile mob. Spawning in the evening in any unlit area, spiders can be heard by their iconic squeal. Unlike Zombies, spiders have a much greater jumping ability, and can also crawl under 1 block high spaces due to their flat nature.

Upon killing them, they will drop 0-2 pieces of String.

Unlike Zombies and Skeletons, Spiders will not burn in the sunlight, and can still exist in the daytime (though they will not spawn then). During the daytime spiders are generally less aggressive, and generally only attack when they are provoked.

Rarely (1/100 of a chance) spiders will spawn in the evening with a Skeleton on its back. These mobs will deal both ranged and melee attacks, and are treated as two separate mobs as far as health, and item drops are concerned.

As of the 13w24a Snapshot, officially Minecraft 1.6, Spiders have the ability to spawn with Potion Effects.

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