Spider Jockey

Spider Jockey
Spider Jockey Sprite
Mob Type Hostile
Found Overworld (night) or the Nether
Attack Type Bow + Spider
On Death 0 - 2 Bone

0 - 2 Arrow

(Rare) Bow

0 - 2 String

0 - 1 Spider Eye

Rarely (1/100 chance), a Skeleton will spawn on the back of a Spider. The resulting Spider Jockey will look like a spider-riding skeleton and have the ranged attack of a skeleton, as well as the jumping prowess and melee attack of a spider, making them extremely dangerous. Regarding health and item drops - a Spider Jockey is treated as two separate enemies. If the player is in the Nether and attempts to spawn a skeleton, there is a very low chance that a Wither Spider Jockey will be spawned instead of a Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, or Skeleton Spider Jockey.

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