Stone Sprite
Item Type: Blocks
Crafted? No
Stackable? Yes (64)

Stone is a naturally spawning block found in the Overworld.


[edit] Obtaining

[edit] Natural Generation

Stone naturally generates below dirt layer in the Overworld, and on surface level in the Extreme Hills biomes and all its variants. It will also generate at surface level in the Stone Beach and Cold Beach biomes.

Mining stone with a Pick Axe yeilds Cobblestone. When mined with Silk Touch, it drops one piece of Stone.

[edit] Smelting

When smelted, Cobblestone will yield Stone.

[edit] Usability

Silverfish can enter and hide in Stone, creating Monster Eggs. When Silverfish are attacked, these Monster Eggs will vanish and a Silverfish will spawn.

Stone is used in the crafting recipes of Redstone Comparators, Redstone Repeaters, Stone Pressure Plates, Stone Bricks, Stone Buttons, and Stone Slabs.

[edit] Variants

Stone has several block states, or variants. This includes:

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