Crafted? Yes
Stackable? No
Used For Mobs, Players, Leaves, Wool

Swords are the main melee weapons in the game used to kill mobs. A better sword has more uses, and kills mobs faster. Some Zombie Pigmen in the nether are said to use golden swords, that cannot be dropped. The higher level of sword, the easier it is to kill a mob, resulting in less uses. A diamond sword enchanted with Unbreaking, Smite, Bane of Aranthopods, and Fire Aspect would be the ultimate weapon to go against the Ender Dragon.

[edit] Crafting

1 stick, and 2 resource Stick on bottom, resources on top in a vertical line.

(Resources are: Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron, and Diamonds)

[edit] Damage Table

Empty Hands: Infinite Durability: 1 Heart Damage

Gold Sword: 33 Durability: 2 1/2 Hearts Damage

Wooden Sword: 60 Durability: 2 1/2 Hearts Damage

Stone Sword: 132 Durability: 3 1/2 Hearts Damage

Iron Sword: 251 Durability: 4 1/2 Hearts Damage

Diamond Sword: 1562 Durability: 5 1/2 Hearts Damage

As shown, it is more efficient to craft a higher level sword, as it inflicts more damage, resulting in less use ultimately, causing Diamond Swords to last a long time. It is very inefficient to craft a gold sword. Save your gold for something else.

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