Version 1.0

Minecraft 1.0

+ Added animal breeding + Added mushroom islands + Added nether structures (fortresses) + Added nether mobs and new item drops + Added snow biome + Made swamps prettier + Added villagers in villages + Added craftable snow golems + Added potions and potion brewing + Added item enchantments + Added mooshrooms + Added The End + Added new achievements + Added many new items + Added video settings for clouds and particles + Added 32 bit java warning + Updated sound effects + Added hardcore mode (when you die the world is lost)

  • Made chunk saving multi threaded
  • Severely reduced the number of block types Endermen can carry
  • Fixed endermen look-at calculation in mulitplayer (I had forgotten a parenthesis)
  • Fixed lights under water not removing properly
  • Fixed a dependency on OpenGL 1.3. ARB_multitexture is required, however
  • Fixed lava spreading down into water
  • Fixed paintings being lit wrong
  • Changed armor calculation
  • Fixed paintings being lit incorrectly
  • Fixed a few blocks (fences, for example) being lit incorrectly when placed under/next to other blocks
  • Minor tweaks to textures
  • Re-added the ability to view oneself from the front by pressing F5

- Removed Herobrine

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