Type: Food
Stackable? Yes, 64
Heals: 2 1/2 hearts, Requires crafting into bread.

Wheat is an item obtained from farming. Wheat is grown from seeds that can be obtained from tilling grass with a Hoe or found in a Dungeon Chest. Wheat cannot be cooked, however, it can be crafted into Bread, Cake, or a Cookie using a workbench.

It is a good idea to use a Fence to protect your crops from being trampled on and therefore becoming destroyed. Wheat crops that are not fully grown and are stepped on by a player or mob, are destroyed, causing the dirt to revert back to soil.

Wheat does not appear under the stats page.

[edit] Crafting

Bread: 3 wheat in a horizontal row.

Cookie: 2 wheat and 1 Cocoa Beans in a horizontal row, having the cocoa beans in the middle.

Cake: This recipe requires a full crafting grid. All rows are horizontal.

Top Row: 3 buckets of milk.
Middle row: An Egg with 1 Sugar on each side.
Bottom row: 3 wheat in a horizontal row.
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