Mob Type Neutral
Found Forests
Attack Type Biting
On Death Nothing

Wolves are neutral mobs found in the game. They naturally spawn in forest biomes, and will not attack the player unless provoked. If the player hits a wolf, other wolves in a certain range of the player will begin to attack. Wolves are easier to kill when they are not in a hostile nature. It only takes one or two hits from a Diamond Sword without any enchantments. When a wolf is killed by a player, it will not drop anything other than experience. Wolves will also attack sheep without being provoked. Wolves can be tamed by the player through the use of bones. If a wolf is tamed, it will become a dog and have a collar. The color of the collar can be changed by using certain dyes. For example, Cactus Green will change the collar to green, and Purple Dye will make the collar purple. This is one of the main uses of dye other than for colored wool. Dogs, or tamed wolves, will fight for the player when the player hits something, or something hits the player. Dogs will attack other players in Standard Multiplayer if they damage the player. Tamed Dogs can breed to make puppies that will be considered owned by the player. The counterpart of dogs and wolves are cats and ocelots.

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