Zombie Sprite
Mob Type Hostile
Found At Nightime,
In Caves/Dungeons
Attack Type Closequarters
On Death 0-2 Rotten Flesh

Zombies are one of the first enemies encountered in Minecraft. When their line of sight is entered by the player, they will chase the player in an attempt to attack. If the Zombie is within 2 block squares space of the player, he can attack, so it's best to avoid combat unless necessary.

Zombies, as well as most harmful mobs, spawn in any place not illuminated by torches or the sun, so spreading torches around in caves and dark areas is the best way to avoid encountering these enemies. Zombies can also be found in dungeons, which are found by mining into caves or underground. Zombies will bang on Wooden doors and even break them down on higher difficulty levels.

Due to their slow moving pace, zombies are seen as the easiest mobs to defeat. However, since 1.6 they have hugely increased difficulty, especially in large numbers. Zombies will burn and die when in direct sunlight, though they might stop burning when touching water temporarily.

When killed either by the player or another force they may drop Rotten Flesh as of 1.8. Since 1.2 Zombies have rare drops as well. Those drops are an Iron Sword, Iron Shovel, Iron Helmet or Iron Ingot.

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