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Blaze Sprite
Mob Type Hostle
Found Nether Fortresses
Attack Type Fire Charge
On Death 0-1 Blaze Rod

A Blaze is a hostile mob found in Nether Fortresses. The only way to find a Blaze is to find a Blaze Spawner located in a Nether Fortress. Nether Fortresses aren't very easy to find, and require lots of patience. The purpose of finding a Blaze is to get its Blaze Rods which are used to create Brewing Stands and Blaze Powder. Brewing Stands are used to brew Potions, and Blaze Powder is used to craft Eye of Enders which are used to locate Strongholds and End Portals. Blaze Powder and Slime Balls can be used to craft Magma Cream, an item needed for brewing. Blazes are able to fly and shoot fire, similar to a Ghast, but definitely not as powerful as one. Blazes will take a lot of damage (three hearts) when hit by a Snowball, making Snowballs are fun weapon of choice. Killing a Blaze and picking up its Blaze Rod will result in getting the achievement "Into Fire". If a Blaze manages to become trapped in a cobweb, it will be unable to shoot fire. Also, Fire Resistance Potions will make the player take a noticeably less amount of damage when hit by the Fire Charge. If spawned in the Overworld, the Blaze will take damage from rain, similar to an Enderman.

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