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Cake Sprite
Item Type: Food
Crafted? Yes
Stackable? No

Cake is the most hunger-filling food in Minecraft. Eating an entire cake will restore six hunger points. Six bites can be taken out of a cake before it is uncrafted. Cake cannot be crafted in the player's inventory and must be crafted in a crafting table. Ingredients used to be crafted are three milk buckets, two sugar, three wheat, and one egg. The top-left corner has a milk bucket, the top-center box has the second milk bucket, and the top-right corner is where the final milk bucket goes. The middle-left box has the firs sugar. The middle-center has the egg, and the middle-right box has the sugar. The bottom-left corner is where the first wheat goes. The second wheat goes in the bottom-center box, and the last wheat goes in the bottom-right box. The ingredients fill all the squares in a crafting table.

Cake, unlike most other food items, can be placed and eaten without being in the player's inventory. This technically makes cake a block item. Right-Clicking on a placed cake will make the player take a bite out of it. If the player left-clicks it, the cake will be destroyed and placed in the player's inventory. If the placed cake is moved by a piston, the cake will be uncrafted from the world--never to be seen again. Cake will be uncrafted if tried to be moved by a sticky piston. Cake can only be placed on top of blocks, and cannot be placed on the side of a block. This means that cake has no gravity. If cake is placed on a block, it becomes apart of the block. This means that if a block is destroyed that has a cake on it, the cake will be uncrafted.

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