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A bucket is currently the only way to transport liquids in Minecraft. Players, with a bucket equipped, right click over a source block of liquid, bringing it inside of the bucket.

The current types of liquid that may be placed in a bucket are:

  • Water
  • Lava
    • You can place the bucket of lava in a furnace and it cooks 100 items.
    • As of 1.3 you retain the bucket after use in a furnace, making buckets of lava an exceptionally useful resource for cooking stacks of items.
  • Milk (Obtained from cows)
    • Its only use is in the cake recipe, and is not lost in the crafting.
    • It is the only liquid that cannot be placed into the world.

[edit] Crafting

Three iron ingots in a V formation in a 3x3 crafting square.

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