Fishing Rod

As the newest tool available, Fishing Rods were added in-game during the first ever Secret Saturday Update (18 September 2010). While equipping a fishing rod and right-clicking, a line and bobber is cast out.

Used in water, the fishing rod allows players to catch fish (used as food), when the bobber goes under the water, the player will right-click, flinging a fish back towards the player's position.

[edit] Uses

The fishing rod has several uses, both practical and impractical:

  • Catching Fish
    • Facing water, right click with the fishing rod equipped to send out a line, when the bobber attached to the end of the line dips underwater, right click again to send a fish flying towards your position.
  • Hooking Mobs
    • When the hook on the end of the line hits a mob, the player can then right click to send the mob flying back towards the player. This technique is useful for killing a Ghast in the Nether, where players can use the fishing rod to fling the Ghast closer to their position, close enough to be hit with a sword.
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