[edit] Editing Help: Minecraft NeoWiki

Hey Minecraft fan! If you're viewing this page then you're probably wanting to contribute to the Wiki, but you aren't sure how and/or where to start. This page will hopefully change that, and help you to contribute all you know about Minecraft to the Wiki!

[edit] Where to Start

With so many potential pages, deciding which ones to contribute to can be hard. Well don't worry, because we have a list of Short Pages, Wanted Pages, and Outdated Pages which need too be shown some love. So, starting with these pages is a good place to start!

Also, if you see a page with this at the top...


...then that page is a. are pages that, while they may have a considerable amount of writing on them they do not have enough information. If you feel as page should be classified as a, then just type {{Stub}} at the top of the page.

[edit] What Kind of Editing Are We Looking For?

We want to see, comprehensive, detailed Wiki pages. Please submit all you know, however, please don't submit copyrighted and/or copied information from other Wikis.

[edit] General How-tos With Markup

The Minecraft NeoWiki uses the same Wiki markup as all other Wikis. If you're new to the wiki-editing concept altogether, then here's a guide to the basics:

[edit] Using Different Headers

[edit] Heading 1

=[Text Here]=

[edit] Heading 2

==[Text Here]==

[edit] Heading 3

===[Text Here]===

[edit] Editing Style of Writing


''[Text Here]''

Bold Text

'''[Text Here]'''

[edit] Wiki Page-Related Markup

Link to Other Wiki Page


Link to Other Wiki Page With Nickname


Redirect to Another Page (Example)

#REDRIECT [[Pagename]]

[edit] Other Markup

Link to Non-Wiki Pages

[(url) (Link Name)]

Inserting your Signature:

--Laika 11:26, 24 April 2011 (PDT)


Inserting YouTube Video:

<youtube>[YouTube ID]</youtube> Disabling Wiki Markup: <youtube>v=m_yqOoUMHPg</youtube>