Similar to mushrooms, the uncommon pumpkin blocks randomly spawn in grassy areas. However, unlike mushrooms, pumpkins do not spread over time. While this may be true, it is possible to farm pumpkins in a similar style to melons. Pumpkins that are farmed and harvested can be wore as armor, but will not give any protection if the player falls, is attacked by a mob, falls in lava, or is attacked by another player. The pumpkin will make areas of the first person perspective's view darker. There must be a block for the pumpkin to be placed on. One pumpkin can be crafted into four pumpkin seeds which are are only way to harvest pumpkins. This is the only way to obtain pumpkin seeds other than using creative mode or finding them in a chest in a naturally spawned abandoned mine shaft. To farm pumpkins, water must be one space away from the pumpkin seeds otherwise they will not grow. A pumpkin and a torch underneath it will be crafted into a Jack 'o' lantern which can be used as a light source. One pumpkin, one egg, and sugar can be crafted into pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is a good source of food for the player. On the day of Halloween, October 31st, Zombies, Zombie Villagers, Zombie Pigmen, Skeletons, Skeletons on Spiders and Wither Skeletons have a small chance of spawning wit pumpkin armor heads. The will not burn in sunlight while wearing these, so be cautious! Upper texture on a pumpkin will always stay the same no matter what.

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